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Language and storytelling play an integral role in PC’s brand. No matter what story you’re trying to tell, our three key messaging pillars: rigorous inquiry, meaningful connections, or robust participation can guide the narrative. 


Positioning is how we want to be thought of in the minds of our most important audiences. It’s not how we express yourself externally; it’s about what we want people to remember when they walk away.


Providence College inspires unquenchable curiosity …


Through a boldly intellectual and interconnected approach…


So that students can flourish professionally and personally.

The Messaging

Structured around three brand pillars, and deeply rooted in Catholic Dominican identity, this messaging framework elevates our strengths and inspires our storytelling. It also identifies what our audiences can expect from us with concrete, authentic examples.

  • Rigorous Inquiry

    Seeking Truth Is A Scholarly Tradition

    A PC education invites the examination of ideas and the challenging of assumptions to forge intellectual agility.


    • Development of Western Civilization Program
    • Preeminent faculty-mentors
    • Liberal arts foundation
  • Robust Participation

    Contemplation Is Always Best Joined With Action

    A PC education creates pathways for an immersive, active learning experience, honing crucial, well-rounded skills.


    • signature experiences
    • athletics
    • leadership opportunities
  • Meaningful Connections:

    More Knowledge Can Be Acquired In Community Than With One Mind Alone

    The PC Mission is to invest in each person’s life, future, and humanity to help our community members develop a clarifying personal purpose.


    • engaged alumni network
    • finding your lifelong community
    • Dominican presence on campus
  • Dominican Tradition

    Deeply Rooted In Catholic And Dominican Identity

    The PC brand promise and animating ideas, our pillars, are deeply rooted in the college’s Catholic and Dominican identity.


    • Campus ministry
    • Athletics team chaplains
    • Retreats and faith immersion experiences

PC News

The Providence College news website is where we tell authentic, brand-aligned stories about what’s new and noteworthy in Friartown.

Seeker Stories

Students come to Providence College explore, discover, and ultimately achieve success — as they define it. The stories below represent just a few examples of what students are seeking at PC.

More Seekers
Harkins Hall


Brands, just like humans, can say a range of different things based on who we’re speaking to, what our personality is like, and what we need to communicate. The materials and components in this section of the website should be used as a foundation for all future communications.

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