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A brand is more than a logo, a slogan, a mascot, or an ad campaign. It’s long-lasting, with enduring strength. Each component of our brand illustrates who Providence College is and why we matter to the world.


The Providence College logo is the simplest representation of our visual identity, so it’s important to ensure its consistent use across media in order to build a strong, cohesive brand. Only use authorized digital art files when applying the logo to communications or materials. Do not attempt to typeset or recreate them yourself.

To keep the logo prominent and distinctive, we take care when positioning it in proximity to other graphic elements. To preserve the logo’s legibility in print communications, we observe certain minimum sizes. For the vertical version, the minimum width is 1 inch; for the horizontal version, the minimum width is 1.35 inches. The minimum spacing around the elements is equal to one letter size.

providence college logo

providence college logo

The College Seal and Torch

The College’s official seal is generally reserved for formal documents such as diplomas, certifications, transcripts, awards, and official correspondence. It is often associated with the president’s office. In certain instances, the torch mark can stand alone in our communications. The flame component can also appear on its own with the horizontal element shown here.

providence college seal
providence college torch

Things to Avoid

Avoid these pitfalls when using the logo.

things to avoid with the providence college logo graphic


Beyond our basic identity, our brand comes to life through our visual language: a careful combination of typography, color, graphic elements, and photography.


When it’s used thoughtfully, typography is a powerful brand tool that can further expand on the meaning of what we’re communicating. Our brand’s typography is clear, accessible, and flexible for a wide range of situations.

  • gt america

    GT America is extremely versatile, with a wide range of weights and extensions for building dynamic, eyecatching headlines. For headlines and subheads, use GT America in all caps; for body copy, use standard sentence case.

  • eames century modern

     Eames Century Modern has been the college’s primary serif typeface since 2013. Its type family has a wide range of weights, making it versatile and useful for a variety of applications.

  • Our typefaces were selected to be mixed in dynamic, engaging headlines. Use these examples as thought starters when creating your own.


Our palette has three layers: primary, secondary, and accent colors. Our communications lean heavily on the primary palette; we use colors from the secondary and accent palettes sparingly sparingly to add dimension and keep layouts visually interesting.

Providence Black

HEX #000000
RGB 0,0,0
CMYK 0,0,0,100


HEX #ffffff
RGB 255,255,255
CMYK 0,0,0,0

Cool Gray

HEX #a3a19e
RGB 151,152,154
CMYK 0,0,0,45
Pantone PMS 877 Metallic or PMS Cool Gray 7

Providence Gold

HEX #bd9e5e
RGB 189,158,94
CMYK 20,30,70,10
Pantone PMS 871 Metallic

Harkins Yellow

HEX #fcfade
RGB 251,250,224
CMYK 1,0,15,0
Pantone N/A


Photography plays an important role in our brand communications because it tells our story visually. Although our words are compelling, images go further to offer powerful proof of what we say.

  • SEEKER PORTRAITS: Individual portraits add sophistication and emotional impact to our communications. These images are typically shot against white or black backgrounds, to focus on the subject and their personality.

  • INQUIRY: Capturing moments of academic rigor visually demonstrates our core value proposition of students flourishing professionally and personally. Moments captured inside the classroom show collaboration and learning.

  • Connections collage

    CONNECTION: Capturing group shots that exemplify community and connection is essential, because this is one of the main reasons students choose to come to Providence College. Images capturing students in moments with friars, other students, and professors demonstrate our community.

  • PARTICIPATION: By including images of Friars coming together and participating in student life, athletics, and other events, we can showcase the different communities and activities that students can be involved in.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: The quiet vibrancy of our campus is something to show off, and these images paint the picture of Providence College. Pepper sense-of-place shots throughout communications in ways that help the layouts breathe.

Harkins Hall


Brands, just like humans, can say a range of different things based on who we’re speaking to, what our personality is like, and what we need to communicate. The materials and components in this section of the website should be used as a foundation for all future communications.

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